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Revenues from 2016 to 2017 have increased by £19,473.00.
That's a 223.10% increase after using Direct Booking Revolution! .

The Beverley hotel is located in a 19th Century Victorian house in the heart of London. The rooms have been designed to ensure that all guests can feel the comfort of a home away from home. The design is inspired by London's rich cultural hesssritage and it amazes all those who enter through the doors.

The Beverley Hotel joined hands with Direct Booking Revolution when they realized that online direct bookings are necessary for the success of their accommodation.

Building Relationships

Direct Booking Revolution helped the hotel in attracting more guests since their sign up. The services offered here give enhanced guest experiences and helps the hotel in making future decisions regarding their plans, packages and travel accommodations.

Working with DBR has also brought them a great increase in customer satisfaction and trust.

Conversion uplift with
Direct Booking Revolution

The hotel has seen an impressive increase in the conversion rates. When comparing conversion rates from the last week of December 2016 to those of the first week of January 2017, a striking increase can be seen from 2.28% to 5.00%. The bookings have also increased from 21 to 54 on average.

Boosted up Revenues

Gross revenues in the last of 2016 were £6,027.00, and they shot up to £19,473.00 in the first week of January 2017.

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