• 100.53

    An amazing increase in conversion rates by

  • 1,347

    Visitors at the official hotel website

  • +

    Bookings increased to a positive

Revenues from last week of 2016 to the first week of 2017 have
increased by £10,575.76,which is a percentage increase of a striking 115.54%.

Whether it is a short business trip, or a holiday, this modern hotel is the perfect choice for travelers. It's just a few minutes away from the Hammersmith Tube and Bus Stations with connections all across London. Stylish stores, bars, and restaurants surround the area on King Street, where the hotel is located. It has excellent transport links with Heathrow Airport and Central London

Connecting the Hotel
with Customers!

Direct Booking Revolution has greatly helped in making The Hammersmith a major attraction to travelers. The services that are offered and the user friendly website provided by DBR has helped in influencing the decisions of customers and has brought a significant increase in the trust that people put in to the hotel for their trips.

After being linked with Direct Booking Revolution, the hotel has achieved high levels of customer satisfaction along with increased revenue turnovers. The affordability and convenience of staying at the hotel is one of the reasons that people book rooms with the hotel.

Let's talk about
conversion rates!

Conversion rates in the last week of December 2016 were 1.67% and in the first week of January 2017, they were 3.34%. That is a striking increase of 100.53% in just one week after making a move towards Direct Booking Revolution.

More bookings in ONE week

Compared with December 25th to December 31st, 2016 the average bookings that were just 2 previously, but now they have been increased to 58 at the end of January 1 – January 7, 2017. Talk about a positive change and DBR brought it within a week!

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