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  • Meta Search Engine

    Extract higher visibility using meta searches like Google & TripConnect (TripAdvisor)

    Meta searches are search engines that help your hotel’s website to appear when tourists search a hotel property similar to yours.

    After implementing meta search feature, your direct bookings and overall hotel ranking will flourish. This happens because your booking engine is made visible to guests allowing them to book your rooms on the spot.

  • Google Hotel Ads

    Gain groundbreaking results with Google Hotel Ads

    Our hoteling package also provides Google Hotel ad’s services, which are an excellent way to convert all Google browsers into direct bookings. Google Hotel Price ads is a real-time pricing system that displays various hotels on Google.com, Google+, Google maps, desktops, mobile phones and tablets.

  • Personal Account Manager

    Weekly one on one call

    Your account manager will be your main point of contact and they will monitor your property's performance throughout the marketing channels and prepare suggestions.

    A weekly call will also be scheduled and your account manager will discuss your property's performance in the previous weeks. They will also and recommend strategies and goals for the following weeks/months.

  • Facebook Booking Engine

    Why not sell your rooms through Facebook?

    Increase exposure and revenue by allowing your fans to book your inventory directly from your Facebook business page. Gets full control via one central system, your hotel administration section.

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